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What is stainless steel pipe used for?

What is stainless steel pipe used for?


What is the stainless steel pipe used for? Stainless steel pipe is a hollow pipe made of stainless steel. This material has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, so it is favored by many people. So do you know what the stainless steel pipe is used for? What are its uses? Next, let's learn about this knowledge together!

1. For decoration industry:
Metal products for equipment in kitchens and bathrooms (such as sinks, basins, bathtubs), places that are often in contact with chemicals, etc.; also used for building exteriors, such as wall panels, roofs, etc.; also used in agriculture, such as greenhouses Or plastic greenhouse skeletons and livestock shed rings, etc.

2. Used as an industrial structure:
Such as stair guardrail handrails, outdoor fitness equipment, awnings, vehicle trunk protective net brackets; architectural decoration steel structure engineering production and installation.

3. Building water supply pipeline:
It is used to transport tap water to users and then distribute it to various users or centrally supply hot water systems; generally, galvanized steel pipes are used as water pipes.

4. Building drainage riser:
It is used to collect sewage and waste water from top to bottom or from left to right and discharge it to the municipal pipe network or other sewage treatment plants for reuse after treatment.

Five, ventilation and air conditioning system piping:
Generally, the spiral air duct is used to connect the main unit of the central air conditioner and the air outlet at the end.

6. Processed parts of metal parts for mechanical structure:
Steel parts used in the machining of parts that require high dimensional accuracy in the machinery manufacturing industry

7. Other areas include civil housing furniture, kitchen cabinets, internal support frames, anti-theft doors, window decoration strips, door and window sealing strips, etc.

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