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What is Stainless Steel Angle?
Latest company news about What is Stainless Steel Angle?

What is Stainless Steel Angle?

What is Stainless Steel Angle?
Stainless steel angle steel is a profile produced from stainless steel blanks. It is a long stainless steel material with two sides perpendicular to each other and forms an angle. It can also be called stainless steel angle iron.
Stainless Steel Angle: A stainless steel angle, commonly known as a stainless steel angle, is a long strip of steel with two sides perpendicular to each other. Angle steel can be composed of various load-bearing components according to different needs of the structure, and can also be used as a connection between components. Widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as machine room beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks, cable trench supports, power pipes, bus bar support installation, and warehouse shelves etc.
Angle steel is mainly divided into two types: equilateral angle steel and unequal angle steel. Among them, unequal angle steel can be divided into two types: unequal edge thickness and unequal edge thickness.
EDEST STEEL CO.,LTD produces stainless steel angle steel in various shapes, and can provide you with punching service, which is convenient for fixing the shape of the angle steel with bolts, mainly for shelf use.
Our main business: 304 stainless steel angle steel, 316 stainless steel angle steel and other stainless steel profiles, and have a large number of spot stocks, convenient delivery, high quality and low price.

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