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company news about The latest market trend of steel prices on June 6 morning report

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The latest market trend of steel prices on June 6 morning report
Latest company news about The latest market trend of steel prices on June 6 morning report


[Construction Steel] The domestic construction steel market fluctuated slightly this week. The average price of rebar in major cities was RMB 4,821/t, up RMB 56/t from last Friday. The closing price of the main contract of rebar futures this week was 4788 yuan/ton, an increase of 212 yuan/ton from the closing price of last Friday, and a discount of 32 yuan/ton compared to the Hangzhou Zhongtian thread market price of 4820 yuan/ton. The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and the demand for stocking by merchants has been released. Shanghai officially lifted the blockade yesterday, and businessmen were encouraged. However, the short-term demand release is still insufficient, and the transaction performance is not concentrated. Zhongtian Yonggang Shagang announced that the price of steel mills will be flat in June, which will stabilize the market in the later period. There is a large gap between the quotations of resources in the hands of merchants, the market is upside down, and there is little willingness to follow the low price. Black futures continued to rise, and speculative demand in the market increased. With the accelerated resumption of production and work, demand is expected to gradually recover in the later period. Once the transaction improves, the destocking of inventory will increase, which will have a certain boost to the current spot price. It is expected that the quotation of rebar will fluctuate strongly in the near future.


[Hot-rolled coil] This week, the hot-rolled spot price fluctuated and rebounded. Compared with last Friday, China United Steel's hot-rolled index rose significantly by 49 points, and the key average price rose by 67 yuan compared with last Friday. As of June 2, Shanghai 4860-4880 yuan / ton, up 140 from last Friday. Lecong's 4860-4880 yuan rose 140 yuan from the same five; Tianjin's 4780-4800 rose 70 yuan from last Friday. This week's output was 3.15 million tons, a slight decrease of 10,000 tons from last week, and the decline narrowed significantly. Meigang, Chonggang and Tiantie will have production line maintenance within the month. This week's hot-rolled social inventory of 2.54 million tons increased by 40,000 tons compared with last week. This week's inventory increased by 2% month-on-month. Currently, the inventory has increased for two consecutive weeks, and the logistics recovery has increased the arrival and storage, but the demand is still slower than the arrival. Next week, the output will continue to decline month-on-month. With the accelerated resumption of factories after the lifting of the lockdown in Shanghai, and the recent continuous increase in the steady growth policy, market confidence will continue to recover. Prices are expected to continue their steady recovery next week.


[Cold-rolled coil] The cold-rolled market fluctuated and consolidated this week. The average daily price of cold-rolled sheet in key cities in China was 5,556 yuan/ton, up 8 yuan/ton from the week and down 242 yuan/ton from the month-on-month. Among them, the market price of Angang 1.0 cold coil in Shanghai is 5390 yuan/ton, which is the same as last week; Tianjin Tiantie 1.0 cold coil is 5330 yuan/ton, which is 70 yuan/ton higher than last week; Lecong Liugang 1.0 cold coil is 5220 yuan/ton , a weekly increase of 10 yuan / ton. 5.5 The mainstream of hot and cold coils remained at 4,860 yuan/ton, compared with 100 yuan/ton last week; the price difference between hot and cold products was around 530 yuan/ton, which was 100 yuan/ton narrower than last week. At present, the ex-factory price of C material of steel mills is 4750-4800, which is 50-100 yuan/ton lower than that of the previous week. This week, the price of cold rolling has been consolidating. At the end of May, the macro policy requirements for the second quarter and accelerated preferential policies to benefit the people were implemented; the epidemic in Shanghai was effectively controlled and unblocked, and bullish news frequently occurred; this week, futures were stronger than spot, and demand in the cold rolling market was expected to be strong. , and the actual downstream replenishment has improved, and the overall purchase is more cautious. In terms of inventory, the cold-rolled social inventory declined slightly, and the overall inventory was in the digestion stage. There are frequent policies to stimulate consumption of automobiles and home appliances, and the demand for raw materials is still cautious when the finished product inventory is digested and the production season. High inventory in the short term is not conducive to price increases. It is expected that the market price may fluctuate and adjust operation next week.


[Coating] This week, the price of the national coated sheet market was stable and fine-tuning. As of the 2nd, the average price of 1.0mm galvanized sheet in major cities was 6,083 yuan (ton price, the same below), down 4 yuan compared with the previous week; the average price of 0.3mm galvanized sheet in major cities was 5,881 yuan, which was similar to the previous week. The ratio was flat; the average price of 0.47mm color-coated boards in major cities was 7,073 yuan, down 3 yuan compared with the previous week. This week, favorable policies continued to be announced intensively, market confidence was boosted, and black futures continued to rise. The epidemic situation has improved, and the resumption of work and production in Shanghai and other places has accelerated, and the demand release is expected to accelerate. Due to the arrival of new resources one after another, the pressure on inventory increases is relatively large, and the price of coating is mainly weak and stable. In the early stage of the Shanghai market, the market price was in a static state, so this week, the Shanghai galvanized galvanized market has obviously compensated for the decline. The price of upstream raw materials is stable and on the strong side. Under the stimulation of various policy combinations, it is expected that the price of coated sheets is expected to become firm next week. As of June 2, the operating rate of galvanizing prices was 88%, unchanged from the previous week; the operating rate of color coating was 78%, up 3% from the previous week. The total inventory of galvanized sheet coils in major cities across the country was 1.1547 million tons, an increase of 0.49 million tons from last week. The inventory of color-coated coils totaled 286,500 tons, an increase of 1,100 tons from the previous week.


[Seamless pipe] The market price of seamless pipes fell slightly this week. The average price of 108*4.5 seamless pipes in 33 cities was 6,235 yuan/ton, down 15 yuan/ton from the same period last week, and the market transaction was weak. This week, the ex-factory price of some seamless pipes in Shandong is weak and stable. At present, the ex-factory price of cold-drawn pipes in Linyi, Shandong is 6250-6350 yuan/ton, the ex-factory of hot-rolled pipes is 5800-5900 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory of Liaocheng thick-walled pipes is 5600-5650 yuan/ton. Ton. This week, the output of seamless pipes was 305,200 tons, a decrease of 22,300 tons from last week and a decrease of 13,900 tons from the same period of last month; the operating rate of seamless pipes was 53.28%, a decrease of 4.10% from the same period last week and a decrease of 7.38% from the same period of last month. ; The finished product inventory of the pipe factory was 768,200 tons, an increase of 10,200 tons over the same period last week and an increase of 100,300 tons over the same period last month. The management plant was under great pressure and was blocked from receiving orders. Although the transactions and transportation caused by the epidemic have improved, the recovery is still slow. Shandong Linyi Pipe Factory maintained a firm selling price due to the shortage of pipe blank resources and the shortage of some seamless pipe specifications. To sum up, the recent market supply of seamless pipes is still under the influence of reduced supply and weakened demand. There is still room for the price of seamless pipes to remain weak next week, but there may not be much room.


[Stainless steel] The spot of stainless steel continued to decline this week. As of June 2, the Wuxi market: 304 cold-rolled Taigang was quoted at 20,200 yuan/ton, a week-on-week decrease of 100 yuan/ton; Hongwang 2.0 resource price was 19,400 yuan / ton, down 100 yuan / ton week-on-week; 304 hot-rolled 3.0 quotation is 18,950 yuan / ton, down 50 yuan / ton week-on-week. In terms of 200 series: this week, the price dropped by 100-300 yuan / ton, the mainstream of J1 four-foot cold-rolled resources tin Buddha reported to 9500-9900 yuan / ton of burrs, and the J2J5 resources went to 9100 yuan / ton of burrs, mainly based on transactions, price keep dropping. The overall trading atmosphere this week was normal. Tsingshan’s stock price fell, and the market’s confidence in supporting prices weakened. On the news, Shanghai officially lifted the blockade on June 1, and announced that it will comprehensively accelerate the plan to resume work, production, and volume. For the stainless steel market, the demand side will be boosted. However, the actual transaction is still under pressure, most of the resources continue to be lowered, and some businesses still take a wait-and-see attitude towards the market outlook.

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