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company news about Steel price trend on April 20

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Steel price trend on April 20
Latest company news about Steel price trend on April 20


[Construction Steel] On the 19th, the market price of construction steel was adjusted steadily. The average price of rebar in major cities was 5,135 yuan/ton, up 12 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The screw futures fluctuated and fell. The closing price of the main contract was 5011 yuan/ton, down 22 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous working day, and a discount of 119 yuan/ton compared to the Hangzhou Zhongtian screw market price of 5130 yuan/ton. In the morning, the mainstream quotations in the East China construction steel market were mainly stable. In the middle of the session, the snail fluctuated downward, and the market sentiment weakened. The spot market was stable and wait-and-see was the main thing. Tangshan in North China was closed and the price rose slightly. The speculative demand in the market today is average, and the downstream demand is not as good as yesterday. Given that some coke companies have begun to rise, the high cost of raw materials still has sufficient support for steel prices. At present, there are many feedbacks from merchants that it is difficult to find a car. Recently, the epidemic situation has repeated, and the amount of resources arriving at the steel mill has decreased compared with the previous month. The sales pressure in the entire market is not great, and the specifications of rebar are relatively complete. It is expected that the price range of construction steel market will fluctuate mainly in the near future.


[Hot-rolled coil] The spot price of hot-rolled coil rebounded slightly on the 19th. The average price in major cities across the country was 5,263 yuan / ton, an 8-week increase from the 18th, an increase of 27% from the previous month. Shanghai 5180-5200 yuan / ton rose 10 from the 18th, up 10 from the same period last week, Lecong 5180-5200 yuan / ton fell 40 from the 18th and rose 50 from last week. Tianjin 5240-5260 rose 40% from the previous week. On the 19th, the futures traded higher and fell back and fluctuated repeatedly, closing at 5164, down 22%, down 0.42%. Yangang's tender price rose 20 today. The spot price of Rizhao Steel was stable. In the morning, the National Development and Reform Commission stated that it will continue to limit production this year and not increase year-on-year. Market interpretations are different from bulls and bears. The bears believe that the output in the first quarter will decrease more year-on-year, and the reduction will be smaller in the later period. Many parties believe that the limited production and the high export level will cause the price to rise after the demand rebounds in the later period. After the end of the session, the turnover decreased significantly. The price fluctuated slightly in the short term.


[Cold-rolled coil] The average price of cold-rolled sheet in major cities across the country on the 19th was 5,849 yuan/ton, an increase of 1 yuan/ton from the previous working day and an increase of 3 yuan/ton from the same period last week. The mainstream cold rolling market price is stable. Among them, the market price of Anshan Iron and Steel 1.0 cold coil is 5620 yuan/ton, stable; Tianjin Tiantie 1.0 cold coil is 5620 yuan/ton, stable; Lecong Liugang 1.0 cold coil is 5600 yuan/ton, stable . The futures market fluctuated lower, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a policy to reduce crude steel production, while the real estate recovery was limited, and the price volatility of the steel market was limited. The cold-rolled market price has been consolidated and downstream purchases are mostly made on demand. The overall market transaction is relatively light, and traders are multi-dimensionally stable in their shipments. On the demand side, with the effective control of the epidemic, terminal enterprises have resumed work and production in an orderly manner, and transition is still required in a short period of time. Merchants said that under multiple factors, they should operate cautiously, and the overall price fluctuation range is limited, and it is expected that the short-term market price will fluctuate within a narrow range.


[Coating] On the 19th, the price of the national coated sheet market was stable and fine-tuning. The average price of 1.0mm flowerless galvanized sheet in major cities was 6,254 yuan (ton price, the same below), an increase of 3 yuan compared with the previous day; 0.3mm in major cities The average price of galvanized sheet was 6246 yuan, up 3 yuan compared with the previous day; the average price of 0.47mm color-coated sheet in major cities was 7238 yuan, down 3 yuan compared with the previous day. The black series futures fluctuated in a narrow range, the coated sheet market was generally stable, and the local market prices adjusted slightly. Shanghai Galvanizing is still closed, and merchants with some resources in other warehouses have a small amount of transactions. Affected by the control of the epidemic in Tangshan, transportation was once again blocked. Some galvanized steel mills in Tianjin and other surrounding areas were still short of resources, and the overall market transaction was weak. The price in the South China market rose slightly, but the transaction was poor after the rise. Today, the ex-factory price of galvanized steel from private steel mills in the north has risen by 20-50 yuan, and the price of cold-rolled base material factories in Hanxing area is 5,300-5,350 yuan, a drop of 50 yuan. It is expected that the price of coated sheet will fluctuate at a high level tomorrow.


[Seamless pipe] The market price of seamless pipes rose by 10-100 yuan/ton on the 19th. The average price of 108*4.5 seamless pipes in 33 cities was 6393 yuan/ton, an increase of 15 yuan from the previous trading day. /Ton. The seamless pipe market is in a situation of weak supply and demand. Affected by the epidemic in the short term, the transportation of the finished products and raw materials of the pipe factories is not smooth, resulting in a decline in the productivity of the pipe factories and a decrease in the market arrivals. Affected by this, after the epidemic improves in the later period, the market price may experience a correction, but there are still sporadic cases of lockdown and control in the short term, and there is a high chance that the market price of seamless management may remain in a narrow range in the short term.


[Stainless Steel] The spot price of stainless steel was adjusted within a narrow range on the 19th. Wuxi market: the quotation of 304 cold-rolled Taigang was 21,700 yuan/ton, which was stable compared with the previous trading day; the quotation of Hongwang Resources was 20,400 yuan/ton, an increase of 200 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day; the quotation of 304 hot rolling was 19,900 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. 200 series: both cold and hot rolling are stable. Among them, the mainstream of J1 four-foot cold-rolled resources tin Buddha is reported to be 10650-10850 yuan/ton with burrs, and the J2J5 resources go to 10150 yuan/ton with burrs, and the merchants mainly ship. In terms of guide prices for steel mills: Taiyuan Steel rose 100-300, Zhangpu rose 100, Dongfang Special Steel 316L rose 100, and Kunshan Dageng rose 300. In general, the surge in the futures market has led to a new round of rebound gains. The quotations of spot coils generally rose, but the transaction was not good. The willingness of all parties to ship is still strong. The short-term market price may follow the market and respond flexibly.

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