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Shouldn't it be stored in winter?
Latest company news about Shouldn't it be stored in winter?


Disturbances in the futures market have a great impact on spot prices in Changsha, and prices are more supportive in the short term. In 2021, the national production limit will exceed 40 million tons, and policy interference in 2022 may be reduced. It will be difficult for the steel industry to have high profits. The supply and demand side will basically not change much from the current situation. The supply and demand are still tight. Some market agents Due to a long period of upside-down, the 2022 agreement has not yet been signed, resource access is limited, and the inventory trend is difficult to increase significantly. The recent Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that in 2022, economic work must be stable and progress while maintaining stability. All regions and departments must shoulder the responsibility of stabilizing the macro economy. All parties must actively introduce policies that are conducive to economic stability. The force is appropriate to the front.


Fiscal expenditure in 2022 is imperative, infrastructure will stimulate demand, currency relaxation, and increasing investment in infrastructure enterprises will become the main thread at the beginning of next year. With the approach to winter storage, the current market price is still higher than that of the same period last year. Steel traders and large households are still unacceptable. Steel traders are not willing to winter storage. Although production is resumed, it is difficult to resume production and replenishment in the short term. The resumption of production on a large scale may not be until mid-January 2022, and it is also possible that some steel mills will postpone the resumption of production until later in the year. In the second half of 2021, the three red lines, the centralized management of housing loans, and the centralized land supply system have formed a new round of three-in-one regulation. Under the influence of stricter supervision of real estate, setbacks in real estate sales, and decline in investment, the downstream steel industry in December Consumption levels have fallen sharply, and it can also be seen that the central government has released the determination of housing and not speculation, which will make the future of the real estate industry more difficult.


The current market price is too high and exceeds the agent's psychological price. At present, most agents hold a wait-and-see attitude and wait for the policy to be determined before considering matters related to winter storage.


Judging from the current market conditions, the demand in Hunan still maintains a certain degree of resilience in winter, and the market shipments are mostly maintained at a reasonable level. However, many construction sites are facing funding problems, and many agents are not paying for money. Delivery, coupled with the impact of the cold wave, stopped work on the construction site earlier this year. Traders mostly wait and see and are not willing to receive goods. Looking forward to the first quarter, the Winter Olympics production limit is uncertain, demand is weakening, but the current spot price support is strong, and there are still good policy expectations. There is no need to be overly pessimistic about the market after the holiday. The Winter Reserve should continue to pay attention to the trends of steel mills. , Be cautious about winter storage within the expected price.

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