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company news about March 11 Steel Market Morning Report

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March 11 Steel Market Morning Report
Latest company news about March 11 Steel Market Morning Report


Steel Market


[Construction steel] The market price of building materials fell slightly on the 10th. The average price of rebar in major cities was 4,954 yuan/ton, down 54 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The futures thread fluctuated and fell. The closing price of the main contract was 4896 yuan/ton, down 48 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous working day, and a discount of 64 yuan/ton compared to the Hangzhou Zhongtian thread market price of 4960 yuan/ton. In the night trading period, the snails opened low and moved down. In the morning, the mainstream resources of the East China building materials market were inertially lowered by 20-40 yuan / ton. In the morning, the transaction performance was average, the market sentiment was mainly wait-and-see, and the purchasing intention was low. In the middle of the session, the snail bottomed out and rebounded, and the mood of the merchants improved. In the afternoon, the transaction rebounded slightly, the decline of the spot market gradually slowed down, and the low-level resources rebounded. This week, the domestic rebar warehouse and factory inventory both decreased, the demand recovery was greater than the supply increase, and the inventory inflection point officially appeared, which may bring a certain boost to the market. It is expected that tomorrow, the building materials market quotations will stop falling and stabilize.


[Hot-rolled coil] The spot price of hot-rolled coil fell sharply on the 10th. The average price in major cities across the country was 5,124 yuan / ton, down 87 weeks from the 9th, down 26% from the previous month. Shanghai 5090-5110 yuan / ton fell 40 from the 9th, up 130 from last week, Lecong 5100-5130 yuan / ton fell 70 from the 7th, and 120 from last week. Tianjin 5050-5070 fell 80% from the 9th, down 60% from last week. On the 10th, the hot-rolled futures first fell and then rose, closing at 5107, down 14%, or 0.27%. Yangang's bidding price fell 60%. The spot price of Rizhao Steel fell 50%. The intensity of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has eased, and the futures have entered a downward trend as a whole. The momentum of the early surge has been lost. The market considerations have returned to the fundamentals, and they have begun to hype the increase in supply. The demand has not improved significantly. The price has continued to fall, and the short-term weak range is running.


[Cold-rolled coil] On the 10th, the average price of cold-rolled sheet in major cities across the country was 5,822 yuan/ton, down 31 yuan/ton from yesterday and up 44 yuan/ton from the same period last week. The market price of cold rolling is weak. Among them, the market price of Anshan Iron and Steel 1.0 cold coil is 5600 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton; Tianjin Tiantie 1.0 cold coil is 5530 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton; Lecong Liugang 1.0 cold roll 5520 yuan / ton, down 60 yuan / ton. The cold-rolled market was weak, with a drop of about 20-70 yuan/ton, and some low-priced resources rebounded slightly in the afternoon. The downstream terminal purchase sentiment is not high, the overall transaction performance is not good, and the transaction is light. The leading steel mills released price adjustment policies in April, and the general price adjustment was raised, and the support on the cost side was strong. In recent days, downstream purchases have been cautious, and merchants are more cautious. It is expected that the short-term market price will be mainly adjusted within a narrow range.


[Coating] On the 10th, the national coated sheet market continued to decline. The average price of 1.0mm galvanized sheet in major cities was 6047 (ton price, the same below), down 22 yuan compared with the previous day; 0.3mm galvanized sheet in major cities The average price of the board is 6034 yuan, down 49 yuan compared with the previous day; the average price of 0.47mm color-coated boards in major cities is 7189 yuan, down 2 yuan compared with the previous day. Today's black futures continued to fall, the market was mainly in wait-and-see mood, users' purchasing intention was low, and the market price of coated sheet continued to move downward. Affected by the weakening of the market and the epidemic situation in many places, the overall trading situation of the market is not optimistic, and the demand is less than expected. Some merchants are cautious about the market outlook. It is expected that the market price of coated sheet will be adjusted weakly tomorrow. In terms of steel mills, the ex-factory price of galvanized steel in northern private steel mills fell by 50-100 yuan today, and the ex-factory price of Hebei cold-rolled base material factory fell by 5300-5350 yuan/ton.


[Seamless pipe] On the 10th, some cities in domestic seamless pipe rose slightly, and the price increase range was significantly reduced, and the transaction is now average. At present, the market price of 108*4.5 seamless pipes in 33 cities is 6107 yuan/ton, an increase of 5 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. Today, the ex-factory price of some seamless pipes in Linyi, Shandong is stable. Now the one-time cold-drawn pipe is 6,450 yuan/ton, and the hot-rolled pipe is 5,720-6,100 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is about 5,700-5,800 yuan/ton. Recently, many people have stopped production in pipe factories, and the inventory pressure is not large. The ex-factory price of seamless pipes may still be strong tomorrow. The downstream seamless pipe market has a large inventory pressure, and the pipeline and mechanical processing industries have a general demand, and more purchases are made on demand, resulting in a slow digestion of the downstream seamless pipe market inventory. It is expected that the price increase of the seamless pipe market may be significantly narrowed tomorrow, and the high-priced resources may have a slight decline.


[Stainless Steel] The spot price of stainless steel continued to decline on the 10th. Wuxi market: 304 cold-rolled Taigang was quoted at RMB 22,000/ton, down by RMB 1,000/ton from the previous trading day; Hongwang Resources quoted at RMB 19,500/ton, down by RMB 1300/ton from the previous trading day; 304 hot The rolling offer was 19,800 yuan/ton, down 850 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. In terms of 200 series: At present, the mainstream of J1 four-foot cold-rolled resources tin Buddha is reported to the burr 11000-11500 range, J2J5 resources go to the vicinity of burrs 10700-10800, and the four-to-five-foot hot-rolled two places see burrs at 10800-11600 yuan / ton. In general, with regard to the concern that the disk will continue to drop by the limit, the spot market has started to drop sharply since the price of Lun Nickel was suspended. There are many merchants selling goods at low prices, but they buy up and not down, and the market transaction is not good. The subsequent long and short variables are still relatively large, and the short-term market price will still fluctuate violently.


Raw Material Market


[Imported ore] On the 10th, black iron ore futures were weak and then strong. On 05, iron ore finally closed at 807.5 yuan/ton, down 3.24%. The trading volume was 740,800, and the positions were reduced by 24,100 lots; ;The transaction weakened by about 10-20 yuan/ton throughout the day; Tangshan area transaction price: PB powder 1010 yuan/ton, Newman block 1330 yuan/ton; Shandong area transaction price: transaction PB powder 960/990 yuan/ton, super special Powder 628/635 yuan / ton. The spot market for imported ore is running weakly. Today's disk was weak in early trading, but it rebounded later, and traders were still reluctant to sell. In terms of steel mills, purchases are still cautious, mainly on-demand purchases, and mostly on the sidelines. Trading sentiment is acceptable throughout the day. At present, downstream demand has recovered slowly, but the sustainability of demand remains to be seen, and there are many uncertainties in the superimposed market. On the whole, it is expected that the iron ore market may fluctuate widely in the short term.


[Coke] On the 10th, the domestic coke market rose and ran strongly. The mainstream quasi-first-class wet quenching in Shanxi was 3100-3250 yuan/ton. The start-up of coke enterprises still maintains a small production limit, the overall start-up is acceptable, and the inventory of coke enterprises remains low; the blast furnace operation of downstream steel mills is slightly limited, the arrival of coke is slightly slowed down, the inventory is slightly reduced, and the procurement is more active; Limited production has little impact on coke demand. The coke inventory at the port continued to rise, and the gathering at the port was slower than before, and the transaction atmosphere was good. On the whole, the demand for coke is stronger than the supply, and the cost of coking coal is high, and the price of coke remains high. In the later stage, it is still necessary to pay attention to the increase or decrease of coke inventory in downstream steel mills, the production increase of coke enterprises, the changes in inventory and the price trend of coking coal and coking coal.


[Steel billet] On the 10th, the domestic steel billet market price fell weakly, with a range of 20-100 yuan/ton, and the transaction performance was generally weak. As of press time, Tangshan reported 4,720 yuan/ton, and Jiangyin reported 4,880 yuan/ton. Affected by the continuous decline of futures in the past two days, the trading atmosphere of steel prices has decreased, and the prices of various varieties have fallen to varying degrees. However, as the futures market fluctuated and rebounded, the market trading sentiment improved, and some resource quotations rebounded, which also increased the sentiment of manufacturers to support prices to a certain extent. Judging from the current market situation, the overall pressure has eased as steel prices continue to move downward recently. Meanwhile, the current steel companies are under great transaction pressure and have limited impact, so the bottom support is gradually increasing. In addition, the current low-level replenishment sentiment in the downstream is increasing, so it is comprehensively expected that the market price of steel billets is expected to stabilize and rebound in the near future.


[Scrap steel] The scrap steel market was mixed on the 10th, with more declines and less rises. Among them, many steel mills in East China, North China, Guangdong and Guizhou lowered their scrap purchase prices, most of which fell between 20-50 yuan/ton, and a few fell as high as 90 yuan/ton; Guangxi was mixed, and the adjustment range was mostly 20 yuan/ton. -50 yuan / ton. At present, the heavy waste market in East China is 3100-3210 yuan/ton excluding tax. Black futures are running weakly today, and the spot market has also declined. Some steel mills have lowered their scrap purchase prices. At present, the panic in the scrap steel market is gradually increasing, and some suppliers are more active in shipping. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the circulation of scrap steel resources is limited, and the arrival situation of steel mills has not improved significantly, which supports the price of scrap steel. The short-term scrap market is expected to run weaker.

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