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company news about January 20 Steel Market Morning Report

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January 20 Steel Market Morning Report
Latest company news about January 20 Steel Market Morning Report


Steel Market


[Construction Steel] The building materials market fluctuated slightly on the 19th. The average price of rebar in major cities was 4,798 yuan/ton, up 9 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The screw thread fluctuated higher, with the closing price of the main contract at 4,713 yuan/ton, an increase of 138 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous working day, and a discount of 57 yuan/ton compared with the market price of Hangzhou Zhongtian thread of 4,770 yuan/ton. The snail rose sharply in the night trading period, and the mainstream resources in the East China building materials market were stably bid in the morning. The market's mentality was calm. In view of the end of the terminal, the rhythm of traders' departure has accelerated, and the recent transaction has continued to decline. In the middle of the session, the snail rose sharply, which had limited boost to the spot, and the quotation rose slightly by 20-30 yuan/ton. Traders left the market one after another, market demand dropped to freezing point, and transactions were few. Some merchants seized the last time to ship goods, but the actual transaction did not improve much. It is expected that the market price of building materials will be adjusted within a narrow range tomorrow.


[Hot-rolled coil] The spot price of hot-rolled coil rose significantly on the 19th. The average price in major cities across the country was 4864 yuan / ton, an increase of 47 weeks from the 18th, an increase of 40% from the previous month. Shanghai 4960-4980 yuan / ton rose 50 from the 18th, up 10 from last week, Lecong 4890-4910 yuan / ton rose 50 from the 18th, up 30 from last week. Tianjin 4780-4800 rose 50 from the 18th, up 50 from last week. On the 19th, the hot-rolled futures opened higher and closed at 4815, up 106, or 2.25%. Yangang's bidding price rose 80%. The spot price of Rizhao Steel rose by 90%. Driven by the positive statements of the Central Bank and the National Development and Reform Commission yesterday, bullish sentiment in the futures market has been stimulated again. It may also rise in the short term.


[Cold-rolled coils] The average price of cold-rolled sheets in major cities across the country on the 19th was 5,616 yuan/ton, an increase of 11 yuan/ton from yesterday and an increase of 5 yuan/ton from the same period last week. The market price of cold rolling is stable and rising. Among them, the market price of Anshan Iron and Steel 1.0 cold coil in Shanghai is 5430 yuan / ton, stable; Tianjin Tiantie 1.0 cold coil is 5330 yuan / ton, up 30 yuan / ton; Lecong Liugang 1.0 cold coil 5360 Yuan/ton, stable. The futures trend fluctuated at a high level, the cold-rolled market price rose slightly, some merchants reduced their discounts or rebounded slightly, the number of low-cost shipping merchants decreased, and the overall transaction performance was weak. The pre-holiday logistics and downstream enterprises are approaching the holiday, and the price fluctuations have narrowed and gradually stabilized. It is expected that the short-term market price will fluctuate slightly.


[Coating] The national coated sheet market continued to run steadily on the 19th. The average price of 1.0mm galvanized sheet in major cities was 5818 (ton price, the same below), which was stable compared with the previous day; 0.3mm galvanized sheet in major cities The average price of boards was 5,690 yuan, which was stable compared with the previous day; the average price of 0.47mm color-coated boards in major cities was 6,887 yuan, which was stable compared with the previous day. Yesterday, the futures fluctuated strongly, and the price of Tangshan cold-rolled base material rose by 40 yuan/ton. In the market, the cold-rolled transaction was not driven by futures, the market transaction was still weak, and the trading atmosphere was light. The transaction of galvanized increased slightly compared with the previous trading day, but the quotations of traders tended to be stable. In terms of mentality, due to the impact of the epidemic, vehicle transportation is limited, and the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, traders are mostly optimistic about the market outlook. Therefore, it is expected that the coating market will be basically stable in the near future.


[Seamless pipe] The domestic seamless pipe market price was stable on the 19th, and the transaction was average. At present, the market price of 108*4.5 seamless pipes in 33 cities is 5892 yuan / ton. Today, the ex-factory price of Shandong pipe factory is stable. Now the ex-factory price of one-time cold-drawn pipe in Linyi is 5850-5880 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of hot-rolled pipe is 5470-5540 yuan/ton. Now the ex-factory price of 219*10 seamless pipe in Liaocheng, Shandong At 5520 yuan / ton. Recently, the operating rate of pipe plants has gradually declined, and the medium and large-scale pipe plants have maintained more than 50%. Most of them are expected to suspend production and holiday next week. It is expected that the Spring Festival holiday will be the same as in previous years. The steel price has been fluctuating and adjusted recently, and the seamless pipe manufacturers are more wait-and-see, and the purchasing intention is not strong. It is expected that the probability of the smooth operation of the seamless pipe market price will increase in the near future.


[Stainless steel] On the 19th, the spot price of stainless steel was mainly stable. Wuxi market: the quotation of 304 cold-rolled Taigang was 18,600 yuan/ton, which was stable compared with the previous trading day; the quotation of Hongwang Resources was 17,900 yuan/ton, which was stable compared with the previous trading day; the quotation of 304 hot-rolling was 18,400 yuan/ton. ton, stable compared with the previous trading day. 200 series: continue to hold steady today. At present, the J1 four-foot cold-rolled resource tin Buddha is mainly reported to the burr 10400-10700 range, and the J2J5 resource goes near the burr 10000-10100. 400 series: The price of 430 cold rolled market remains stable. According to feedback, the market inventory of 400 series has been significantly reduced recently, and some 430 cold-rolled thin material specifications are out of stock. , Spot trading is generally deserted, only relatively low futures orders are received in a small amount, the focus of work is still on finishing matters such as processing and adding orders, and most of the quotations are firm and wait-and-see, and it is expected to be stable in the near future.


Raw Material Market


[Imported ore] On the 19th, the black iron ore futures ran strongly and fluctuated. On 05, the iron ore finally closed at 735, up 4.26%, and the trading volume was 805,400 to lighten the position by 14,100 lots; Most of the quotations are quoted; the transaction price in Tangshan area: PB powder 840/845 yuan/ton, Mack powder 815 yuan/ton, ultra-special powder 540/545 yuan/ton; transaction price in Shandong area: PB powder 835/838/840 yuan/ton, PB block is 1060 yuan/ton, and super special powder is 535 yuan/ton. The spot market of imported ore is running strongly. Today's market continued to open higher and move higher than last night, reducing positions during the day, and the highest test reached 741.5 yuan / ton, the activity of individual traders increased slightly, and shipments were mainly. In terms of steel mills, the replenishment may be coming to an end, and the demand has decreased. In the current market, expectations of interest rate cuts and RRR cuts are increasing, and the macro policy is warmer, which has a boosting effect on the black line, but the fundamentals of iron ore have not changed significantly. On the whole, it is expected that the iron ore market may fluctuate widely in the short term.


[Coke] The domestic coke market remained stable on the 19th, the fourth round of coke enterprises was under great pressure, and steel mills made regular purchases at stable prices. In terms of supply, coke enterprises have normal production and normal shipments, and there is no inventory pressure in the factory. The overall supply is still tight due to the limited production of some coke enterprises. The mainstream quasi-first-class wet coke quenching in Shanxi is quoted at 2940-3100 yuan / ton. On the demand side, steel mills are actively resuming blast furnace production, and rigid demand for coke has increased; some steel mills have relatively low inventory at present, and they are more motivated to purchase; In terms of ports, the spot goods at the ports are slightly weak, the collection volume is average, and some traders are more motivated to ship. On the whole, the steel mills are replenishing their warehouses normally near the Spring Festival, and the supply is still tight, and the short-term coke price may maintain a stable operation. Continue to pay attention to the environmental protection policies, the price trend of raw coking coal, the support of coke prices, the supply and demand of coke, and the production resumption of steel mills.


[Steel billet] On the 19th, the domestic steel billet market price rose strongly, with a range of 20-100 yuan/ton, and the transaction performance was relatively good. As of press time, Tangshan reported 4,410 yuan/ton, and Jiangyin reported 4,600 yuan/ton. Driven by the good news yesterday, black futures showed a strong performance, which pushed up manufacturers' mentality. However, the ability of the downstream to accept high prices is still in general, and after the price rises, the willingness of winter storage in various regions will be temporarily suspended, so the motivation for continued increase is gradually lacking. In addition, as the Spring Festival approaches, the number of holiday merchants increases one after another, and the trading atmosphere may also decline accordingly. Therefore, on the whole, it is expected that the steel billet market will show a slight correction and wait-and-see situation in the near future.


[Scrap Steel] On the 19th, the scrap steel market continued to run steadily and weakly. Some steel mills in East China, Hebei, Hubei and Chongqing lowered their scrap purchase prices, most of which fell between RMB 20-50/ton, and some steel mills dropped by RMB 70/ton. At present, the heavy waste market in East China is 3150-3200 yuan/ton excluding tax. Recently, scrap sites have been closed for holidays one after another, and scrap sites that have not yet been on holiday have also accelerated their shipments and completed the completion. At present, the winter storage of steel mills is coming to an end, and notices to stop receiving scrap steel have been issued one after another, and the demand for scrap steel has weakened. It is expected that the scrap steel market will not fluctuate significantly before the holiday, and it will mainly run steadily, and a few will adjust within a narrow range according to their own conditions.

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