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company news about January 13 Steel Market Morning Report

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January 13 Steel Market Morning Report
Latest company news about January 13 Steel Market Morning Report


Black series night trading futures closed up across the board, coking coal rose 2.43%, iron ore rose 2.05%, hot-rolled coil rose 1.97%, rebar rose 1.89%, coke rose 1.47%, and thermal coal rose 1.27%.


Steel  Market


[Construction Steel] The building materials market fluctuated within a narrow range on the 12th. The average price of rebar in major cities was 4,766 yuan/ton, up 8 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The screw thread fluctuated higher, with the closing price of the main contract at 4,632 yuan/ton, an increase of 105 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous working day, and a discount of 128 yuan/ton compared with the market price of Hangzhou Zhongtian thread of 4,760 yuan/ton. In the morning, the market price of East China building materials was stable, and the market wait-and-see mood dominated. Stimulated by the macro infrastructure news, the futures snails continued to rise today, and the weakening of demand is a foregone conclusion, and the spot price is mainly stable. With most traders finishing finishing work one after another, and downstream enterprises one after another taking holidays and shutting down, the market has become increasingly stagnant, and there is little room for price fluctuations in the early days of the Spring Festival. Under the circumstance that the winter storage policy of the surrounding steel mills has not been implemented, it is more cautious to wait and see. It is expected that the price of building materials market will fluctuate and sort out tomorrow.


[Hot-rolled coil] On the 12th, the spot price of hot-rolled coil rose as a whole. The average price in major cities across the country was 4,824 yuan / ton, an increase of 24 weeks from the 11th, an increase of 38% from the previous month. Shanghai 4940-4960 yuan / ton rose 20 from the 11th, up 40 from last week, Lecong 4860-4870 yuan / ton rose 30 from the 11th, up 10 from last week. Tianjin 4750-4760 rose 20% from last week compared with the 11th. On the 12th, the hot-rolled futures rose 4751% or 32%, or 0.68%. Yangang's bidding price has risen by 50%, and the orders received this year are hot. The spot price of Rizhao Steel was stable. On the one hand, the National Standing Committee issued a strong signal of steady growth, calling for the expansion of domestic demand, the construction of major projects to start as soon as possible, and the rapid distribution of funds to ensure economic growth in the first quarter and the first half of the year, boosting the market’s confidence in the market outlook. The production-limiting gossip also stimulated the market mentality. It is expected that the short-term price may still fluctuate upwards, which will stimulate the release of inventory demand before the holiday.


[Cold-rolled coil] The average price of cold-rolled sheet in major cities across the country on the 12th was 5,611 yuan/ton, down 2 yuan/ton from yesterday and 10 yuan/ton from the same period last week. The market price of cold rolling is running smoothly. Among them, the market price of Anshan Iron and Steel 1.0 cold coil in Shanghai is 5460 yuan / ton, up 20 yuan / ton; Tianjin Tiantie 1.0 cold coil is 5300 yuan / ton, stable; Lecong Liugang 1.0 cold coil is 5340 yuan / ton. ton, steady. The mainstream price of the cold rolling market remains stable, the current period is repaired, and the favorable policies are intensified. This is expected to be strong in the later period and the cost support is strong. In the face of some businesses raising cautiously, the wait-and-see mood on the downstream side increased, and market transactions were weak. With the gradual weakening of downstream demand, inventories may face an increase, and prices are under downward pressure. Considering the bullish factors, the impact of logistics and transportation is limited in the downstream market replenishment time, and the overall operation of traders is relatively cautious and stable. It is expected that the short-term market price will fluctuate slightly.


[Coating] On the 12th, the national market price of coated sheets was stable as a whole. The average price of 1.0mm flowerless galvanized sheet in major cities was 5807 (ton price, the same below), which was the same as the previous day; the average price of 0.3mm galvanized sheet in major cities was The price is 5675 yuan, which is the same as the previous day; the average price of 0.47mm color-coated boards in major cities is 6884 yuan, which is 2 yuan lower than the previous day. Today, the futures prices of black series continued to rise. The overall performance of the coated sheet market was flat, and the prices of individual markets rose slightly. As the Spring Festival is approaching, the operating rate of downstream enterprises has dropped significantly, the procurement demand is coming to an end, and the impact of the epidemic has been superimposed. On the side of traders, they are more willing to reduce warehouses and realize their profits. It is expected that the price of coated sheets will be stable and fine-tuned tomorrow. In terms of steel mills, the ex-factory price of galvanized steel in private steel mills generally rose by 20-50 yuan today, and the price of Hebei cold-rolled base material factory rose by 50 yuan, and today's price is 4750-4800 yuan.


[Seamless Pipe] The domestic seamless pipe market price was stable on the 12th, the mainstream price was temporarily stable, and the transaction was average. The current market price of 108*4.5 seamless pipes in 33 cities is 5885 yuan / ton. The ex-factory price of Shandong pipe factory has been rising steadily. Some pipe factories have a price increase of 50 yuan/ton. Now the ex-factory price of one-time cold-drawn pipe in Linyi is 5,880 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of hot-rolled pipe is 5,470-5,480 yuan/ton. The factory price of 219*10 seamless pipes in Liaocheng, Shandong is 5520 yuan / ton. Recently, due to the lack of tube blank resources and poor production conditions, some tube factories have low inventory, resulting in an increase in the ex-factory price of seamless tubes. The market's willingness to store in winter is not strong, and the market inventory is slow to digest. It is expected that the domestic seamless pipe market will have a high probability of weak consolidation.


[Stainless Steel] The spot price of stainless steel was mainly stable on the 12th. Wuxi market: the quotation of 304 cold-rolled Taigang is 18,300 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; the quotation of Hongwang Resources is 17,800 yuan/ton, up 250 from the previous trading day; 304 hot-rolled quotation is 17,750 yuan / ton, up 250 yuan / ton from the previous trading day. For the 400 series: the price of steel mills has risen today, and the resources of Taigang have been digested in the market. Therefore, the quotations of merchants have increased in the past two days, but the overall downstream demand is weak near the Spring Festival holiday, and the actual transaction price remains low. s level. JISCO's resources have recently arrived, and merchants have a lot of pressure on inventory. The mentality of low-cost shipments has not diminished, and intra-day transaction performance is still relatively flat. To sum up, the nickel has recently reached a new high, and the futures are now rushing to 18,000! The spot market is short and rising, and the actual transaction is relatively limited during such a period. In addition, the resources of popular specifications are not abundant, and the short-term spot market price fluctuates at a high level. All parties need to be flexible.


Raw Material Market


[Imported ore] On the 12th, the black iron ore futures ran strong and volatile. On 05, the iron ore finally closed at 7.395%, up 3.07%. The trading volume was 641,200 and the daily Masukura was 13,800 lots. Most of the traders raised their quotations; the transaction price in Tangshan area: PB powder 840/845/850 yuan/ton, Jinbuba powder 705 yuan/ton, mixed powder 652 yuan/ton, super special powder 543/545 yuan/ton; transaction in Shandong area Price: PB powder 845 yuan/ton, card powder 1060 yuan/ton, super special powder 540/543 yuan/ton, Newman block 1060 yuan/ton. The spot market of imported ore is running strongly. Today, the disk unilaterally fluctuated higher, and the market continued to increase its positions during the day. Inquiries were still active. The speculative demand of traders increased, and shipments were the mainstay. In terms of steel mills, purchases are still more cautious, mainly replenishing warehouses on demand. Due to the current increase in the inventory of steel mills, the actual purchase transactions of steel mills are generally average. Trading sentiment is acceptable throughout the day. On the supply side, due to the decline in shipments from Australia and Brazil, the supply side is facing seasonal tightening expectations, which supports the rise in ore prices. The Spring Festival replenishment may still have a certain supporting effect. On the whole, it is expected that the iron ore market will mainly fluctuate in a wide range in the short term.


[Coke] On the 12th, the domestic coke market still maintained a strong operation. After the third round of coke price increases, it was mostly stable. The mainstream quasi-first-class wet quenching in Shanxi was reported at 2760-2860 yuan / ton. On the supply side, coke companies have limited production increases due to environmental protection and shortage of coking coal. Currently, coke companies have smooth shipments, and inventories have continued to fall from a low level. The overall supply is still relatively tight. On the demand side, the blast furnaces of steel mills have resumed production one after another, releasing the demand for coke; considering the impact of the epidemic and the weather, transportation is limited, and steel mills have increased their efforts to replenish warehouses, and procurement is more active. The price of coking coal continued to rise. Except for the low-sulfur main coking coal, other types of coal all rose in varying degrees, and the cost of entering the furnace increased significantly. In terms of ports, there are few tradable resources. As the end of the year is approaching, most traders take a wait-and-see attitude, and their willingness to gather in ports is not high. On the whole, the current coke supply and demand pattern is tight, and the cost support is strong, and the coke price still maintains a strong upward trend. Still need to pay attention to the situation of steel mill coke replenishment and coking coal price trend.


[Coking coal] On the 12th, the domestic coking coal market was strong and strong. Affected by the Spring Festival and the epidemic, the operation of coal mines in the main producing areas has declined, coal production has decreased, and the supply of coking coal has continued to tighten; some coal mines near Changzhi Qinyuan have stopped production and stopped exporting coal, local coking coal production has been limited, and the supply performance has been limited. nervous. The downstream coke price continued to rise, the profits of coke enterprises rebounded, the demand for coke coal continued to release, and the raw coal inventory in the coking steel enterprises was relatively low, and the purchase of raw coal was more active. In terms of Mongolian coal, affected by the rebound of the epidemic, the customs clearance control at the port has been tightened. The number of vehicles for customs clearance per day is mostly less than 100 vehicles. The saleable resources of Mongolian coal are scarce, and the market transaction is lower than expected. 2265 yuan / ton. On the whole, in the short term, the coking coal market will maintain a stable and rising operation.


[Steel billet] The domestic steel billet market price rose steadily on the 12th, with a range of 20-30 yuan / ton. The overall market volume was limited, but the cautious and firm pattern was more evident. As of press time, Tangshan reported 4,400 yuan/ton, and Jiangyin reported 4,530 yuan/ton. The strong performance of black futures in the past two days has led to an increase in the market's willingness to support prices, and the prices of steel billets in some cities have risen accordingly. However, due to the tight overall resource supply and the low inventory level, it is expected that the steel billet market will remain firm in the near future.


[Scrap Steel] On the 12th, the scrap steel market continued to fluctuate and adjust, and some steel mills went up and down. Among them, some steel mills in South China, Jiangsu and Anhui lowered their scrap purchase prices, with a decrease of 10-30 yuan/ton; some steel mills in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and Hunan raised their prices, with an increase of 10-100 yuan/ton. At present, the heavy waste market in East China is 3150-3220 yuan/ton excluding tax. As the Spring Festival is approaching, some scrap steel sites are more active in shipments to recover funds, and the arrival of steel mills is acceptable. Affected by the weak finished product, some independent electric furnace factories have begun to prepare to suspend production and holiday, and have a strong willingness to lower prices. However, considering that some steel mills still need winter storage, there is a certain support for scrap prices. It is expected that the short-term scrap steel market will be stable and adjusted within a narrow range.

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