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How do you cut square stainless steel tubing?

How do you cut square stainless steel tubing?

How do you cut square stainless steel tubing?

We often need to use square stainless steel pipes in our daily life, so how do we cut square stainless steel pipes ourselves?
1. Plasma cutting
I have used a plasma cutting machine to operate, its speed is fast, but there will be a lot of metal residue on the inner wall during construction, it is troublesome to clean up, and heat will be generated during construction, the color of the pipe port will change, and it is very inconvenient to adjust, and it is difficult to use Getting it wrong can lead to poor quality cuts, so this method has been used by very few people.
2. Automatic hob cutting pipe
It only has a circular knife edge and no serrations. Normally, it cuts while turning. Its cross section is smooth and flat, without debris or burrs. Although the mouth of the inner wall will shrink slightly, it can be solved with special props. The amount is low, which is the best choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises.
3. Instrument lathe
It is usually used on steel pipes with a wall thickness of 0.2 to 0.6 mm and a diameter of less than 32 mm. Generally, the cross section is flat and does not need to add water. It is usually used in the cutting of household products, but its automation is not high and requires labor. Great intensity.
4. Saw blade cutting
Usually, tungsten steel saw blades are used for construction, combined with an automatic feeding system, so the automation is high and the operation is convenient, and the labor intensity is not high. One person can control many machines. The construction speed is fast, the incision is free from deformation, burrs, and the accuracy is also excellent. , are often used in the processing of large quantities of pipe fittings.
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